Topcon AgForm 3D

AgForm-3D is the perfect field design software to accompany your AGS Agriculture GPS System. AgForm-3D lets you view and design the existing field to suit your needs, and it's quick and easy to transfer site survey files between your computer and the AGS-C System Five 3D control box. With AgForm-3D on your laptop computer and the HiperLite precision GPS receiver, you have a completely wireless Ag survey system. Use AGForm-3D to view existing field contours and profiles, and then design the field as a single plane or break it into as many sections as needed.

AgForm-3D Field Design Software:

  • Export and import job files to Topcon's AGForm-3D Survey/Design software.
  • Break the field into multiple slopes using AGForm-3D, and the AGS-100 Grade Control system will automatically cut the proper grade when crossing sections.
  • Use AGForm-3D to create sections for balance areas, and then operate within the sections viewing your movement on the AGS-C Control Box color display.