Ag Leader SeedCommand

The system offers complete planter monitoring functions to replace existing planter monitors. SeedCommand™ will monitor and log average population and seed spacing. A color bar graph and population display provide this information in real time. Planter monitoring functionality is available for all major planter brands including KINZE, John Deere, White and Case IH. Control seed costs and improve yield potential across the entire field with variable rate planting. SeedCommand varies the seeding rate based on prescription maps to match seeding rates to soil potential. SeedCommand supports direct control of PWM and motorized servo hydraulic valves found on Case IH, John Deere, KINZE and White planters, as well as the Rawson ACCU-RATE® hydraulic drive. By programming the display for split planting, SeedCommand lets the operator record different hybrids/varieties in different sides of the planter. SeedCommand will track where each seed type is planted making it easy to compare and log side-by-side performance of each seed type at harvest time.